Gisele Bündchen - Mother, Wife, Author, Supermodel & Philanthropist

Gisele Bündchen is one of the most famous supermodels of all time. Known globally for her business savvy, her philanthropy, and her advocacy for environmental protection, she has been listed by Forbes as one of the Most Powerful Women in the World and among the world’s most generous celebrities. She has served as Goodwill Ambassador of the UNEP (United Nations Environment Program), and was named by Harvard University as a Global Environmental Citizen in recognition of her eco-efforts. 

Gisele has written best selling book - Lessons.  A story of a mother, wife and business woman.  She shares her amazing journey so far and shares valuable insights and her own lessons on how she lives a positive, engaged and present life. 

It is everyone woman’s challenge to juggle everyday life with a career, a partner and children.  Lessons is a great place to start to make small steps in your life to find a balance and to realise there is nothing wrong with choosing to have it all. 

The profits from this book will go to Luz Foundation, which Gisele created in 2007 to support social and environmental causes.